She Adopted A Dog Nobody Wanted, Then The Most Amazing Thing Happened


Every year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are put down in animal shelters across the United States. There are so many reasons why people choose to give up their dogs for adoption - they bark too much, they ruin furniture, they’re aggressive towards other people or dogs, etc - but what most people don’t know is that all of these bad habits can be caused by one thing: anxiety. That’s right, just like people, dogs can be anxious too. It’s this stress that can lead to many different types of behavior problems, which make many dog owners frustrated with their pets.


Instead of trying to treat the cause, they just give up on their “best friend” and send them to a shelter hoping that someone else will be able to give them a good home. They turn a blind eye to the high chance that their once beloved pet will get put down.

Brittany Stone from Minnesota has always had a soft spot for abused animals, so when her and her family decided that they wanted a new pet, they went down to their local ASPCA.

We didn’t expect to adopt a dog on our first visit,

Brittany told us

But when we met Ronny our whole family fell in love!

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Ronny is a 3 year old Golden Retriever who was born into a family that neglected him. He had been at the ASPCA for month and was in danger of being put down. The constant neglect from his first family had lead Ronny to develop high anxiety and he was showing all of the signs - he was underweight, paced excessively around his cage, and hated loud noises. The shelter workers warned Brittany that Ronny might not make a good pet, especially with her young children in the house, but Brittany wanted to give him a chance at a better life.

After we brought Ronny home he was whining constantly. It was keeping my kids up and night and we were all exhausted, but we didn’t want to give up.
I spent some time researching Ronny’s behavior and found an alternative treatment called Therabis that claimed to help high-anxiety dogs

is a natural treatment that was created by veterinarians to relax dogs and lower their stress levels.

img Canine stress is extremely common in pure breds and shelter dogs alike, and Therabis can help dogs of all ages and breeds to become obedient, happy and loving companions. It has been specially formulated to reduce all of the symptoms of canine stress, including aggressiveness towards strangers, excessive whining, chewing, paw licking and fear of loud noises.

After we started giving Ronny his Therabis treatments, he turned into a completely new dog. We can take him anywhere now, and he is so relaxed, even with strangers! His barking and whining is so much better too. I wish more people would consider adopting, especially because treatments like Therabis make them even easier to love!

Whether you’re having problems with your dog at home and want to try a safe, effective and 100% natural way to relieve their anxiety, or you’re considering adopting a stray from your local shelter,